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140 Slater Street
Ste. Geneviève, Manitoba

Heritage family farm in South-East Manitoba 


About us

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Our Farm, Our Stories


About the farm

Fiola farm operates on 120 acres Located in the Franco-manitobain community Ste-Geneviève, MB, on the Fiola family's homestead. We currently sell direct market; pastured raised lamb and wool, pastured chicken, hay and straw in small square bales, gains (oats and some ancient gains).

Our sheep flock consist of  25 ewes, coming from a mixture of Rideau Arcott, Shetland and Rambouillet and Romney.


Farming has been in my blood from a young age. I started operating tractors with my grandfather at 5 years old, which in turn convinced him to stop renting out the land and we started making hay together, after being retired for over 10 years. After my grandfather passed in 1999, I kept farming with the help of my uncle, and assistting with he general maintenance of the property for my grandmother on holidays and weekends. In 2003 I completed a Diploma in Agriculture and in 2010 earned a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. In 2012, Christel and I moved into the family homestead and I continue to farm on evenings and weekends. The job I enjoy most on the farm is picking my small square bales with my bale wagon.


As long as I can remember I have wanted sheep, I never imagined it might become a reality someday. When I was little I lived just outside of in Saint-Pierre-Jolys, Mb on a small acrage. I have some really great memories about that place and when I moved to the city, getting back to the country was always like a breath of fresh air. After high school I decided to pursue a career as a goldsmith, which brought me to the Alberta College of Art and Design. Being in art school opened up my eyes to many so many medium. I took Textile design classes in dying and weaving, as well as sculpture and photography on the side. I continued on to the University of Manitoba where I pursued more Photography, and design classes. After moving to the Fiola farm homestead with Joey in 2012, I started raising a few heritage laying chickens (the gateway animal) and in 2016 Joey and I purchased the farm’s first 5 ewes.


Earth-freindly Practices

Not using and pesticides and herbicides on our farm means we work the with nature and the elements to maintaining the integrity of the soil so that it will not be depleted when passed onto further generations. We also use a rotational grazing program for our sheep in the summer, allowing them access to fresh grass , assists in controlling parasites as well as putting nutrients back into the ground.


Out in the open

Our livestock is pasture raised, out in the open, where sheep get to graze bright green pastures, and our chickens get the best mixed diets of grains, grasses and bugs. Keeping the animals out of the barn as much as possible. This results in a happy, healthy animal flavourful meat and beautiful fibre.

Committed to reducing plastic

We tend to use a minimal amount of packaging for our products. Knowing that plastic usage is a real issue on the planet, wherever possible, all of our packaging will use none or the least amount plastic possible. Sourcing ethical and earth friendly products is one of our priorities.